YWLA Blue Reads Book Club Dec 8 - Once Removed

Please join us for a YaleWomen BlueReads Book Club discussion and Q&A with Colette Sartor, author of the linked short story collection Once Removed, which won the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction.

When: Sunday, December 8th, 6pm-8pm

Where: A private residence in Beverlywood, address upon RSVP

Note: Maximum Capacity is 50 – so please sign up as early as possible. And, if you later find you cannot come, please be sure to cancel your RSVP to open a seat for another.

Colette Sartor, Yale ’88, has published award-winning short stories and personal essays in the Chicago Tribune, Kenyon Review Online, Colorado Review, and numerous other publications. A writing instructor for almost twenty years, Colette currently teaches at the UCLA Extension Writers’ Program and the Los Angeles Writers’ Grotto as well as privately. She lives in LA with her husband, son, and very large German Shepherd dog who’s afraid of the wind.

Once Removed

The women in the linked short story collection Once Removed carry the burdens imposed in the name of intimacy―the secrets kept, the lies told, the disputes initiated―as well as the joy that can still manage to triumph. A singer with a damaged voice and an assumed identity befriends a silent, troubled child; an infertile law professor covets a tenant’s daughterly affection; a new mother tries to shield her infant from her estranged mother’s surprise Easter visit; an aging shopkeeper hides her husband’s decline and a decades-old lie to keep her best friends from moving away.

With depth and an acute sense of the fragility of intimate connection, Colette Sartor creates stories of women that resonate with emotional complexity. Some of these women possess the fierce natures and long, vengeful memories of expert grudge holders. Others avoid conflict at every turn, or so they tell themselves. For all of them, grief lies at the core of love.

Learn more about Colette and find links to purchase Once Removed here: https://colettesartor.com/books/


  • A copy of the book, if you want to have it signed by Colette.
  • Something for the potluck – food, beverage, paper plates… Once RSVP’d, we will reach out to coordinate your “offering.
  • Questions to ask Colette during the Q&A portion of this evening.

We greatly look forward to seeing you at this event!


Ursula, Swati, Susan, Robinne, Maria, Lisanne, Laura, Lauren, Jen, Eileen & Colette

We are the women of Yale University in Los Angeles!  We come together as a local chapter of the alum special interest group, YaleWomen, for festivities, outdoor adventures and "lux et veritas" educational and enlightening events. If you would like to volunteer, please email us at: [email protected].

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December 08, 2019 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Private Residence
Lauren Spertus Blankenship · · 310-775-5854

Will you come?

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    Please RSVP: YWLA Blue Reads Book Club Dec 8 - Once Removed https://www.yalewomen.org/ywla_blue_reads_book_club_dec_8?recruiter_id=123
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