Webinars from YaleWomen Chapters

March 2023 - YaleWomen Houston

Speaking While Female - A Conversation with author Dana Rubin

A conversation with Journalist, speechwriter, speech coach, author and historian Dana Rubin '81 on her new anthology, Speaking While Female: 75 Extraordinary Speeches by American Women. Ms. Rubin created the Speaking While Female Speech Bank, which is the world's largest online archive of women's speeches from across time and around the world. It is her mission to change the way we think about great speakers in history and to inspire women and girls to step up and learn to speak confidently.

March 2022 - YaleWomen Connecticut

Poetry Reading and Discussion with Sarah Matthes '13

Sarah read from her debut collection of poetry Town Crier (Persea, 2021) which won the Lexi Rudnitsky First Book Prize and was a finalist for the National Jewish Book Award. Sarah has a BA in English and Creative Writing from Yale and an MFA from the Michener Center for Writers.

May 2021 - YaleWomenNYC

College Admissions Seminar: What You Need to Know 

The college process was hard. Then the pandemic hit. Expert insight can help.  YaleWomenNYC and Careers, Life, and Yale presented a web-based program to help those parenting or advising 9th-12th graders navigate the current landscape of college admissions with former admissions officer Eva Ostrum '86.  An award-winning educator, Eva has worked in college admissions on both sides of the desk: as an undergraduate admissions officer at Yale and as a teacher, school administrator, and private college admissions counselor supporting students and families through the process. She is the author of "The Thinking Parent’s Guide to College Admissions: The Step-by-Step Program to Get Kids into the Schools of Their Dreams" (Penguin Books, 2006) and has appeared as a guest expert on education in numerous media outlets (including NBC’s "Weekend Today"). This year Eva launched SchoolMe.college, an online college guidance portal that provides free and low-cost college counseling to students and their families.  Eva graduated from Yale with a Bachelor of Arts in French Studies and from the Harvard Kennedy School with a Master’s in Public Policy. She is currently seeking her doctorate in Educational Psychology.

May 2021 - YaleWomen NorCal

Crime & Justice Series: Reflections from Lise Pearlman '71 on the Huey Newton Trial

The Huey Newton Trial: Lise Pearlman '71 Reflects on a World-Changing Event

April 2021 - YaleWomen Houston

Finding Your Voice as an Ally | Responding to the Movement

In January, YaleWomen Houston was honored to receive a YAA Excellence Award for its two-part virtual series, "Find Your Voice as an Ally," featuring Denise Hamilton, Founder and CEO of Watch Her Work. The chapter was further honored when it was asked to participate in YAA's "Responding to the Movement: Conversations with Alumni Leaders on DEI in Action." This informative and interactive event featured videos by four award winners followed by breakout sessions to discuss each group's novel initiative.  You can watch YaleWomen Houston's original two-part series below on this page; click here to jump to that.

October 2020 - YaleWomen Houston

Women Funding Women and Its Impact on Gender Equity

The Houston-based Artemis Fund, founded by Leslie Goldman (BA '88), Stephanie Campbell, and Diana Murakhovskaya, invests in women-founded and -led tech-enabled companies across the U.S. Yale alums joined Leslie and Stephanie as they discussed the state of venture capital, and how backing female founders can help create a more equitable future for women in the workplace and in the home. Chinhui Juhn (BA '84), the Henry Graham Professor of Economics at the University of Houston, moderated.

September 2020 - YaleWomen Northern California

Freedom Should Be Free: A Discussion on Bail Reform and Mass Incarceration

Cities across the US have been talking about reforming the money bail system for years. But, what is bail? How does it work to fuel mass incarceration? Who benefits from the current system, and what are our alternatives? Join YaleWomen Northern California for an engaging, virtual interview with Kaitlin Koga (SOM '17) and Priscilla Martinez, of The Bail Project, to better understand how we can disrupt the cash bail system and what we can build in its place to support healthier, safer and more just communities.

 August 2020 - YaleWomen Northern California

Pink Shackles: The Locking Down and Freeing Up of American Girls

An in-depth interview with Leslie Acoca ’72, who exposes the injustice faced by girls and women behind bars in 22 U.S. states. This event is hosted by YaleWomen of Northern California and co-sponsored by 50WomenAtYale150.

June 2020 - YaleWomen Houston

"Find Your Voice as an Ally," Featuring Denise Hamilton, Founder & CEO of Watch Her Work

We know you want to help, but you don't always know how.

YaleWomen Houston presented a virtual discussion with Denise Hamilton tackling the difficult issues of race and privilege. Denise walked through the recent high profile police brutality cases, and provided a deeper understanding of how to talk about difficult subjects in these challenging times.

Watch first: "Finding Your Voice: The Path to True Allyship"

Watch second: YaleWomen Houston discussion