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Prudence_Crandall_Picture.jpgYaleWomen Connecticut is happy to announce our next stop on the Museum Trail – the Prudence Crandall Museum in Canterbury, CT. Join us on Saturday, September 29 as we visit the home of New England’s first educational academy for African-American women (1833-1834). The museum is a National Historic Landmark and a State Archaeological Preserve. We will take in the general museum offerings and also enjoy a guided tour of the museum’s newest exhibit, “The Story Outlives the Canvas,” which explores the history and legacy of the famous portrait of Prudence Crandall. Our interpreter for this portion of the visit will be Lisa Joseph, the curator of the exhibit.

Exploring the life of Prudence Crandall (1803-1890), Connecticut’s State Heroine, prompts relevant reflection on life in America throughout history. Her commitment to teaching African-American women made her a national symbol for abolition, and local response was swift and strong in its opposition. Harassment and mob violence forced the school to close in 1834. Prudence Crandall’s legacy in legislation and court battles includes the 1833 CT “Black Law”, the 1857 Dredd Scott arguments, and also the 1954 Brown Vs. Board of Education of Topeka.

I said in my heart, here are my convictions. What shall I do? Shall I be inactive and permit prejudice, the mother of abominations, to remain undisturbed? Or shall I venture to enlist in the ranks of those who with the Sword of Truth dare hold combat with prevailing iniquity? I contemplated for a while the manner in which I might best serve the people of color. As wealth was not mine, I saw no other means of benefiting them, than by imparting to those of my own sex that were anxious to learn, all the instruction I might be able to give, however small the amount.         - PRUDENCE CRANDALL, 1833

Saturday, September 29; 10:00-11:30am Tour; 11:45 Optional Brunch at DayBreaks Diner


The Prudence Crandall Museum

1 S Canterbury Rd.

Canterbury, CT 06331

(Intersection of Routes 169 and 14)


$6 Admission; Free for children ages 12 and younger

Optional pay-as-you-go brunch at 12:15 a short drive away from the museum at:

DayBreaks Diner

43 Railroad Ave.

Plainfield, CT 06374


To Karen Warner [email protected] by September 22 for tour and optional lunch.

PLEASE NOTE: The museum's first floor is fully accessible.

For more information:

Prudence Crandall Museum website

Prudence Crandall,” Connecticut Women’s Hall of Fame

Today In CT History

Diana Moraco, “Prudence Crandall Fights for Equal Access to Education,”

September 29, 2018 at 10:00am - 1pm
Prudence Crandall Museum

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