What YAM had to say about the YaleWomen Conference

Neela Banerjee shares impressions from YaleWomen's inaugural global event in the latest issue of the Yale Alumni Magazine:

Whether Sotomayor’s talk set the tone or reflected the mood of the participants, the inaugural get-together of YaleWomen was marked by a disarming frankness. From freshly minted graduates to those who attended Yale’s professional schools in the 1950s, alumnae seemed happy to connect with generations of women like them. They celebrated the achievements of speakers and listened rapt to their advice.

At the same time, speakers and participants voiced frustration with longstanding policies that fail to take account of differences in the health needs of men and women; with the paucity of women in tech and politics; and with the enduring difficulty of balancing work and family. Most startling, and perhaps something that would not have surfaced if men were present, speakers and guests openly discussed their struggles and fears, which, rather than dampening spirits, seemed to heighten the intimacy being built that day among Yale women.

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