Webinars from YaleWomen

May 2021

"Allen v. Farrow": A Conversation

In conversation with Dr. Natasha Boas '96 PhD, Oscar-nominated and Emmy-winning filmmaker Amy Ziering '90 MA, MPhil discussed how her Yale graduate studies in comparative literature led to her successful career as a researcher, documentarian, and writer. She also talked about "Derrida," her 2002 film about the famous French philosopher and Yale professor Jacques Derrida, as well as her award-winning documentaries "The Hunting Ground," "The Invisible War," "The Bleeding Edge," "On the Record," and most recently, "Allen v. Farrow."

May-June 2021

YaleWomen Talks Money - Building Financial Well-Being

Finances are a leading cause of stress among women, and the past year has only intensified the strain. Four out of five women in a recent survey said they were weighed down by financial concerns ranging from job loss to low pay and limited savings. You can achieve greater financial wellness, even after a year like 2020. Financial Wellness Coach Kelley Holland ’86 MPPM led a three-part miniseries, sharing tips to empower alums in their financial lives to stress less, thrive more, and live life on their own terms. In this affirming, enlightening webinar, Kelley identified the structural and social forces that lead many women to underestimate their financial skills – and the money-management strengths they actually possess. The aim with this miniseries is to help alums come away with a healthy money mindset and an actionable plan to start utilizing money as a tool toward achieving life’s many goals.  Part 1 started with "Taking Our Financial Pulse".  Part 2 explored "First Steps to Financial Fitness", acknowledging the spectrum and variety that well-educated adults find themselves along when it comes to the basics of money management and financial knowledge. Kelley spoke candidly about how to develop financial habits and systems that will serve you the rest of your life, sharing facts and financial wellness resources. Part 3 addressed "Sustaining Lifelong Financial Wellness." Holland spoke about how it’s never too late to make healthy changes in one’s financial life. Increasing life expectancies mean that changes today can have impact for a longer time. Healthier financial practices can help us execute a career pivot, step back from paid work, engage in charity and legacy planning, and otherwise engage meaningfully with the world. This mini-series was moderated by Claudia Rosenthal ’08, ’14 MM and Dr. Susan Pepin ’87.

April 2021

Innovative Paths for Trailblazing Women in Science 

Women leaders who have trained in STEM shared their paths in blossoming careers in industry. Panelists discussed their routes navigating their training, career choices, and where they see innovation occurring. They also shared lessons learned along the way. They reflected on the skills they needed to build to thrive in the STEM industry.

Panelists Included:
• Judith Scimone ’00 MBA, SVP and Chief Talent Officer, MetLife
• Dr. Anne Hermanowski Vosatka '86, MS '86, Chief Safety Officer, J&J Consumer
• Dr. Seyma Aslan PhD ’12, Scientist at L'Oreal Research & Innovation
• Moderator: Dr. Susan Pepin ‘87, Director of Health and Clinical Partnerships for Arizona State University

March 2021

The Road Less Traveled: Tales from Yale Women Who've Followed Different Paths

In this webinar several Yale women who’ve taken the less-traveled career path — or forged a completely new one — shared their stories. Featuring a panel discussion, video segments, stunning photographs, and interactive Q&A, alums told the audience their tales from their unusual “roads” and explored the rewards and impacts of their choices. Panelists included photographer and sculptor Helen Glazer '76, animal sanctuary founder/ owner Anne Shroeder ’81, and Danielle Spencer ’96, academic director of the Columbia University Narrative Medicine Program. Visiting storytellers included Libby Roderick ’81 (singer/songwriter), Debra Rowe ’77 (sustainability, renewables, and education, Clara Soh ’99 (rock climber and nature volunteer), and Larisa Warhol ’99 (improving farmer livelihoods and the environment in East Africa).

The session was produced by YaleWomen Council members Laura Teller '77 and Dr. Lydia Temoshok '72, and moderated by Robyn Acampora from the Yale Office of Career Strategy.

January 2021

The Art of the Pivot: Thriving Through Career Reinvention

YaleWomen presented this webinar recognizing the need for career inspiration and practical advice in the current economic climate.  This webinar featured a dynamic panel of Yale alums who had to make career changes, with a dive in to their journeys and a discussion around how they found their way into productive and rewarding next acts.  Panelists included Anne Burt ’89 (owner, Brick & Stylus Consulting), Kirsten Parker ’11 MFA (mindset and action coach), Amanda Weingarten ’16 JD, (associate, Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison), and Shanta Whitaker ’08 PhD, ’05 MPH (vice president, health policy, at Venn Strategies), moderated by Kelley Holland ’86 MPPM (founder and CEO, Own Your Destiny) and with introductory remarks from Claudia Rosenthal ’08, ’14 MM.

January 2021

Blue Behind the Green: Yale Women Leaders in Corporate Sustainability Share Their (Unexpected) Career Journeys

YaleWomen, in partnership with Yale Blue Green, held a webinar  where alums explored the unusual and diverse journeys of Yale women engaged in successful corporate sustainability careers. The discussion looked at how senior sustainability leaders in retail, product manufacturing, consulting, and finance took some unexpected paths and how they built purposeful and rewarding careers.

Panelists included:
* Nancy Mahon '86, Senior Vice President ESG, Board member, Estee Lauder,
* Sophie Beckham '02 MF, Chief Sustainability Officer, International Paper
* Katherine Macauley '11, ESG, Ares Management
* Ali Weiner '11, VP ESG Strategy and Research, Capital Group
* Amy Armitage '86 MBA, who has organized this webinar through YaleWomen, delivered opening and closing remarks.

The session was moderated by Lauren Graham, '13 MEM, Yale Blue Green Chair and Secretary of YaleWomen.

October 2020

Understanding the Impact of the 19th Amendment: Two Scholars' Perspectives

This webinar focused on the importance of women's suffrage, particularly in this critical election, as we celebrated the centennial of the 19th amendment. Martha S. Jones, professor of History at the Johns Hopkins University and Society of Black Alumni Presidential Professor, joined us in a fireside chat with Reva Seigel '86 JD, the Nicholas deB. Katzenbach Professor of Law at the Yale Law School. These two leading scholars shared salient wisdom on the history of the 19th amendment and the implications of this history.

Professor Jones, in her most recent book, "Vanguard: How Black Women Broke Barriers, Won the Vote, and Insisted on Equality for All," provided new insights on the struggle to win the 19th amendment. Professor Siegel illuminated the meaning of the 19th amendment in today’s debate regarding the interpretation of our constitution.

Dr. Akosua Barthwell Evans '90 JD and Dr. Susan Pepin '87 moderated.

It was brought to the alum community by YaleWomen, in partnership with the Yale Alumni Association Shared Interest Groups.

October 2020

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

This webinar was an encore event to the 50WomenAtYale150 program which featured an exceptional panel of YaleWomen alums and faculty who have shattered glass ceilings in a variety of fields: finance, academia/medicine, legal/judicial, Corporate America, and management consulting/entrepreneurship. Panelists shared candidly not only the challenges they overcame, but also advice and insights on implementing successful career paths. The panelists and moderator were:

• Ranji Nagaswami MBA ‘86, Senior Advisor, SVP Global
• The Honorable Denise Page Hood ‘74, Chief Judge, Eastern District of Michigan
• Dr. Inginia Genao, Associate Professor of Medicine, Associate Chair for Diversity and Inclusion, Medical Director, Adult Primary Care Center, Yale School of Medicine
• Moderator: Dr. Akosua Barthwell Evans JD ‘90, CEO, The Barthwell Group, YaleWomen Council, YaleWomen Programs Committee Co-Chair, President, Yale Club of Michigan, former Yale Alumni Association Board of Governors
• Seyma Aslan PhD ‘12, Senior Project Leader at L'Oreal Research & Innovation, YaleWomen Council, YaleWomen Programs Committee Co-Chair
• Jennifer Cruz, 50WAY150 Program Manager, Yale Alumni Association

It was brought to you in partnership with the Yale Alumni Association Shared Interest Groups, YaleWomen, and 50WAY150. 

May 2020

Climate Emergency: Practical Actions, Equitable Solutions

Scientists tell us we need to flatten our emissions curve and actively decarbonize our economies by 2030 to avoid the most severe effects of climate change. This will require broad changes in the way we produce and consume energy. As leaders in our communities, how can we ignite this change and ensure that it is a “just transition” for all people - not just a few? What lessons and reverberations from COVID-19 will affect our response to climate? Leaders in the climate and environmental space helped shed light on these questions, with an introduction from Dr. Akosua Barthwell Evans ’90 JD, YaleWomen’s Programming Committee co-chair. Lauren Graham ’13 MEM, chair of Yale BlueGreen, moderated the discussion among speakers Dr. Kim Cobb ’96, chair and professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences and director of the Global Change Program at the Georgia Institute of Technology; Susan Tambi Matambo ’04 MEM, senior specialist at the World Bank Climate Change Unit; and Mary D. Nichols ’71 JD, chair of the California Air Resources Board. This webinar has also been produced by YaleWomen's Digital Event Producer, Phoebe Shackeroff Reese '98.

This webinar was brought to you in partnership with the Yale Alumni Association shared interest groups, YaleWomen, Yale BlueGreen, Yale Alumni Non-Profit Alliance, Yale Black Alumni Association, and 50WomenAtYale150.

June 2019

Ageism at Work: Breaking the Universal Barrier

On June 26th, Diane T. Ashley ’76, MS, JD; joined Ashton Applewhite, author and activist; and Leslie Morrison Faerstein, EdD, LCSW, and Executive Director of amazing.community for an enlightening conversation about how to combat ageism and thrive. Moderated by Amy Armitage ’86 MBA, the webinar covered a range of topics, including:

  • Debunking ageism myths (and why it’s the “ism” we all face)
  • Untapping possibilities in your career at any age
  • The advantages of aged-based diversity
  • Practical strategies for gaining back your work mojo
  • Combating unconscious bias

May 2018

Gendered Language and Blocking Bias in the Workplace

This webinar examined how language shapes perceptions. The word choices we make – how we describe success, the words we use to label failure, the way a promotion is explained – demonstrate what we implicitly value. Sometimes our word choices are deliberate, but oftentimes our word choices are unintentional. In these instances, stereotypes about gender, ethnicity, and other characteristics may inadvertently influence the words we choose in ways that can advantage some or disadvantage others on our team. 

February 2018

In Conversation: Access & Impact of Women on Corporate Boards

YaleWomen presents: a discussion about women on corporate boards with Dr. Akosua Barthwell Evans, Brande Stellings and Ann Fudge.

December 2017 

Sex and Gender Equity in Health Research with Carolyn Mazure, WHRY

Carolyn Mazure is the Norma Weinberg Spungen and Joan Lebson Bildner Professor in Women’s Health and Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at Yale. Dr. Mazure came to Yale for her fellowship training after completing graduate school and three years at the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Immediately following her postgraduate training, she was invited to join the Yale faculty. Dr. Mazure’s contributions in women’s health began with her own internationally recognized research in the field of depression. Understanding the value of uncovering gender differences in the field of depression, combined with recognizing that such data are sorely lacking across many fields of biomedical research, Dr. Mazure designed and launched Women’s Health Research at Yale, the university’s interdisciplinary research center on health and gender.

June 2017

Strategies for Successful Salary Negotiation with Yale alum Deb Ellis

Moderated by Ursula Burton of YaleWomen LA and YaleWomen National Council. Produced by YaleWomen. Special Thanks to YaleWomen Council members: Susan Lennon, Jen DeVore, Phoebe Shackeroff Reese. Thanks also to Dr. Hal Strelnick.

October 2016

Women in Politics Webinar with Patti Russo and Kathryn Lofton

Patricia Russo, Executive Director of the Women's Campaign School at Yale, joins Kathryn Lofton, Yale Professor of Religious Studies, American Studies, History and Divinity in conversation about Women in Politics. This is a recording of a live webinar discussion held on October 19, 2016. 

June 2016

Confidence When It Counts

YaleWomen's inaugural webinar, "Confidence When It Counts: Rising Above Self-Criticism and Bias to Maximize Your Influence and Earnings." Bridging her psychology research at Harvard Medical School and current research on gender bias, Sharon Melnick, Ph.D. will provide insights on how to navigate obstacles so you can advance and be recognized for your talents.