YaleWomen Salary Negotiation Webinar Connects Yale friends around the World

Just a quick note to say hi and provide you with an example of how YaleWomen is influencing lives… Katie Ellias, my good friend from Yale, lives in Paris and we were able to sneak away from work and family for a day by ourselves in Barcelona (I was in Spain/France for a couple weeks… I know, sometimes everything just falls into place!).  Katie and I were both in the midst of considering new job opportunities (Katie in private equity and myself in law) so we were chatting about the YaleWomen webinar on negotiating salary.  It was a good program and prompted us to talk very pointedly about negotiating our own salaries as job situations change - what we can do, encouraging each other, etc.

It also made me feel somehow especially connected: here we were, walking down a street in Spain, chatting about the same webinar that was reaching both Chicago and Paris and interested both of us… it is wonderful that we are still part of something that remains relevant to our lives.  We also spent a fair amount of time together discussing the tough parts of being a woman in professions that are increasingly male-dominated as we advance in our careers – it is also nice feeling that YaleWomen is on our side and kind of 'understands.'

Yay! to YaleWomen for reaching both of us on different continents and actually influencing us about negotiating salaries, etc. We'll bridge the pay gap eventually!

Tiffany Amlot ’00, President, Yale Club of Chicago

(Photo: Katie Ellias ’00 and Tiffany Amlot ’00; courtesy of Tiffany Amlot)

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