YaleWomen Thanks Outgoing Council Members, Welcomes Incoming Council Members and Officers

Much hard work and the commitment of many hands and hearts make the increasingly important work of YaleWomen possible. As the 2018-2019 year closes, we are especially grateful to Council members whose terms of service have come to an end.

Ellen Gibson McGinnis ’82, Laura Thomson Grondin ’85, Eve Rice ’73, and Toby Richard ’82 have served on the Council since YaleWomen’s founding in 2011. What YaleWomen is today is a testament to their vision and the solid infrastructure they created and that we continue to build upon.

Ellen, Laura, Eve, and Toby, as well as Beth Axelrod ’89 MPPM, Gayatri Bhalla ’97 MBA, Elizabeth (Eli) Gerard ’79, and Beverly Jurenko ’86, leave with our deep and heartfelt thanks and best wishes.

As YaleWomen’s visibility and reputation have grown, so, too, has interest in serving on the Council. This year, we had a rich pool of talent to draw on. We are thrilled to announce the results of this year’s election for Council members and officers, for terms that begin July 1st:

Chelsea Doub ’14 MPH

Akosua Barthwell Evans ’90 JD*

Shannon Foucault ’06*

Lauren Graham ’13 MEM

Priscilla Morales ’00

Nancy Furman Paul ’91

Lisa Beth Friedman Savitz ’88

Laura Teller ’77

Lydia Temoshok ’72**

Carol Reis Whitehead ’72**

* Current Council members who have been re-elected for another term.

** As members of the class of 1972, Lydia and Carol are among the first women to graduate from Yale College. The University will shortly kick off a celebration of the 50th anniversary of women at Yale College and the 150th anniversary of women at the Graduate and Professional Schools   Learn more about 50 Women at Yale 150 here.

Jennifer Ebisemiju Madar ’88, Sue Pepin ’87, Dana Sands ’83 and Susan Lennon, ’85 MPPM have been elected to serve as chair, vice chair, treasurer and secretary, respectively.

Meet the members of the YaleWomen Council here.


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