YaleWomen Talks Money – Building Your Financial Well-Being, with Dr. Susan Pepin ’87, Claudia Rosenthal ’08, ’14MM, and Kelley Holland, ’86 MPPM

Beginning in early May, YaleWomen offered a three-part miniseries with Kelley Holland ’86 MPPM on personal finance, responding both to the immediate impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and to women’s longstanding financial challenges.

For further resources, visit www.ownyourdestinycoaching.com

Part 1: "Taking Our Financial Pulse"

Finances are a leading cause of stress among women, with the past year having only intensified the strain. Four out of five women in a recent survey said they were weighed down by financial concerns ranging from job loss to low pay and limited savings. You can achieve greater financial wellness, even after a year like 2020. Kelley Holland, a financial empowerment coach for women, identified the structural and social forces that lead many women to underestimate their financial skills - and the money-management strengths they actually possess. Participants said they came away with actionable plans to start utilizing money as a tool toward achieving life’s many goals. 

Part 2: "First Steps to Financial Fitness"

The second webinar in the series explored initial steps women can take to boost their financial fitness at any age. Even well-educated, successful adults may have very different levels of experience and expertise when it comes to money management. Holland spoke candidly about how to develop financial habits and systems that will serve you the rest of your life, from organizing your money to automating tasks and learning the basics of investing. She also shared financial wellness resources and a number of empowering statistics on women’s money hurdles and opportunities.

Part 3: "Sustaining Lifelong Financial Wellness"

Part 3 of the series was the final installment and addressed "Sustaining Lifelong Financial Wellness." Holland connected our increasing life expectancies with greater opportunity to make impactful changes in our financial lives even in midlife. Other topics covered included retirement security, forecasting financial needs, protecting our loved ones, and creating a charitable legacy. Participants said they found the series empowering, educational, and inspiring, and they felt better prepared to use their finances to engage meaningfully with the world.


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