“Relax, Learn, Laugh, Listen”: Host Claudia Rosenthal ’08, MMus ’14 Catches Us Up on YaleWomen’s Weekly Zoom sessions


My name is Claudia, and I host weekly YaleWomen Zoom get-togethers Wednesday evenings at 7:30pm EST. I happily took on the role of host last fall, and I’ve spent every Wednesday evening with this group as the pandemic was raging throughout the country. During this difficult time, our meetings became a place to relax, to learn, to laugh, and to listen. 


Our attendees range from recent graduates of Yale College to some of the first women at Yale (who matriculated in 1969), along with graduates of almost every professional and graduate school. Every meeting, I take time for quick introductions before splitting the night’s attendees into smaller breakout rooms. To put everyone at ease, I provide some ice-breaker questions for the rooms. Then they’re off and running!

 The core group that attends these get-togethers has steadily grown these past few months, and I happily attribute this to our members’ desires to be open, honest, and welcoming to one another’s perspectives and experiences. I count myself incredibly lucky to call all these women my friends, and I cannot wait to connect in person when we it’s possible…but don’t just take it from me! 

In the words of some of our members, who jumped at the chance to give their own thoughts about our meetings:

“This YaleWomen social hour has become an invaluable addition to my life in a year of what felt like a lot of ‘subtractions.’ I love that the conversations are both light and substantive, and that there's no agenda except genuine connection. I'm so grateful to get to know these amazing women, to support each other in struggle, celebrate our successes, and laugh more than I get to anywhere else in my week!”

“I look forward to every Wednesday night and I protect it from all intruders!  COVID has been especially tough and this group has certainly helped my mental health.  I feel like I know each of the regular attenders well, and the Yale connection creates an automatic kinship.”

“I think that epitomizes the group for me… the idea that we are all learning from each other, sharing not just support and fellowship, but our passions, expertise, and the good stuff we've found to get us through the last year…We worried about those in Texas during the deep freeze;we cheered with those who got into business school; and we shared tips with others who are taking care of elderly parents or recovering from COVID or pivoting in their careers. It's a community that could only exist virtually, but it doesn't make it any less real.”

So, if you want to connect with fellow Yalies, if you want some advice, if you want to laugh, if you want to take a walk down memory lane…we are here, and we can’t wait to meet you! See you Wednesday.

Claudia Rosenthal ’08, MM ’14  

The YaleWomen Zoom get-togethers take place every Wednesday from 7:30 to 8:30 EST. Register here for these and other YaleWomen events. (You'll receive an email with the login info after you RSVP.) We're hoping to add more dates and times as more alums volunteer to host. Email [email protected] if you're interested in hosting!

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