Literary Ladies Unite! Annual Book Club BBQ: A New Yale Women of NorCal Tradition

Last Saturday August 2nd, the lovely Michelle Fait (Yale SOM '93) hosted a fantastic group of Yale women as part of the YaleWomen of Northern California Book Club BBQ. Altogether, about 15 literary ladies gathered in the early evening to grill some grub, get nerdy and meet some fellow Yale ladies in the Bay Area.

(Special blog contribution by Teresa Tapia, PC '06)


After mixing and mingling, the ladies got down to the business of books. The next hour was full of nerd/fem fun and wonder as we shared our book recommendations. It was awesome to hear others talk about books with passion and poise - two qualities I notice often magically appear when I'm around other smart and inspiring women.  We talked about Hillary's Hard Choices, the possibility of exploring the Wild with Cheryl Strayed, and heard a great pitch by Sophia to read about Capital in the 21st Century. Before we knew it, the time came for us to make hard choices ourselves and pick the reading list for 2014-15. Difficult choices indeed, but we voted in a balanced list of fiction, non-fiction and current events (see below for books and schedule).

YaleWomen of Northern California's Book Night happens every other month, starting in September, at various locations around the San Francisco Bay Area.  Check out the schedule below and get Book Night on your calendar - better yet, let us know if you'd like to host a gathering of great Yale Women for Book Night! Thanks literary ladies for coming out to our first ever annual book-picking!    

SEPTEMBER - 09/13/14
The Snowden Files - Luke Harding

NOVEMBER - 11/08/14
Wild - Cheryl Strayed

JANUARY - 01/10/15
Hillary: Hard Choices - Hillary Rodham Clinton*

MARCH - 03/14/15
Capital in the Twenty-First Century - Thomas Pikitty

MAY - 05/09/14
The Circle - Dave Eggers

JULY - 07/11/14
Battleborn - Claire Vaye Watkins
* Hard Choices may become the reading for May depending on availability of the book later this year

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  • Carolyn Kenady
    commented 2014-08-11 15:26:53 -0400
    It was so much fun hearing about the books that alums at the BBQ recommended for Book Night.