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High Performance Habits by Brendon Bouchard

Everyone self-reflects at the beginning of a new year and commits to completing a new set of resolutions. This year, try something new. Bring your resolutions and meet with a small, tight knit group of Yale Women who will hold you accountable for the growth necessary to achieve them.

Yale Women is dedicated to educating and elevating personal performance and leadership qualities by increasing knowledge and skills in the areas of high performance, authentic leadership and gender intelligence. If you can’t shake that feeling that you aren’t quite where you wanted or expected to be in life, this group is for you.

We have a treasure trove of deeply knowledgeable, committed and successful women who have likely faced, overcome or helped others overcome the same issues. If you can define for yourself where you want to be, your fellow Yale Women will help you stay accountable for moving forward.

This is more than a “book club” it’s a venue for members to gain a deeper insight into themselves through the books we read and be held accountable for follow-through skill building that will help each of us move from our current state closer to our desired future state.

We meet bi-monthly on the second Sunday beginning January 13th from 1-3pmat First Watch in Meyerland Plaza Area. Reach out to your host, Stefani Kirchhoff, with any questions ([email protected]).

The first growth challenge for each of us is to mine High Performance Habits by Brendon Bouchard for the habits you need to focus on in 2019 to move closer to your desired future state. 

January 13, 2019 at 1:00pm - 3pm
First Watch in Meyerland Plaza area
Stefani Kirchhoff ·

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