Do you know about the Yale Women Faculty Forum?

The Yale Women Faculty Forum has just released its 2016-2017 Annual Report detailing the organization’s progress on policy, awareness and gender equity initiatives over the past year. Established in 2001 during Yale’s Tercentennial year to highlight the importance of women faculty at the University, the organization aims to foster gender equity through policy, initiatives, research and innovative programs. The report includes a preview of highlights of Women, Men Faculty and Yale University: The View, which consists of data compiled every five years on the demographic breakdown of men and women faculty at Yale and in leadership positions. Key findings include: 47% (7/15) of Yale’s schools are headed by female deans following the recent naming of five new female deans, compared with 16.6% (2/12) five years ago. However, the number of female chairs at the Yale School of Medicine, where about 60% of the faculty are located, has not changed in 25 years. In 1992 there were 10% female chairs (2/21 departments) whereas today it is 11% (3/28 departments). To keep abreast of WFF news, sign up for their newsletter and follow them on Facebook.


Veena McCoole 19

Photo of Pauli Murray, Senior Fellow, Yale Law School. Office of Public Affairs, Yale University. Courtesy of Manuscripts and Archives, Yale University Library.

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