Yale Alumni Association Hosts Panel Discussion on Black Women, Beauty, and Perception

Pictured above, from left to right: Tia Williams, Copy Director at Bumble and bumble, Novelist, Creator of Shake Your Beauty; Alexis McGill-Johnson ’95 MA, Executive Director, The Perception Institute; Jemina Bernard ’97, Executive Director, Young Women’s Leadership Network; Robinne Lee, Author and Actress; Dr. Scyatta Wallace ‘96, Psychologist and Writer; and Mindy A. Marks ’00, Director for Shared Interest Groups

On May 22nd, Mindy A. Marks ‘00, Director for Shared Interest Groups at the Yale Alumni Association, in collaboration with Dr. Scyatta Wallace ‘96, hosted a powerful panel discussion focused on black women, beauty, and perception. Various topics were explored, including images presented in media and how they impact black women and girls, as well as research relating to the unconscious biases we possess as women in our interactions with one another. This event is the first is a series of Perception programming. Click here to view the video of the panel discussion. For questions about this event and future perception programs, please contact Mindy A. Marks at [email protected].

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