Why Gender Rules Matter


Asking the right questions is fundamental to finding the right solutions

Have you ever wondered why women's representation, across all levels of government, has been stalled for decades at less than 25%?

Although women have long had entree to careers in business, law, and medicine, why are women CEOs and those in C-suites such a rarity - and what happened to all the potential managing partners and department chairs?

Are the anti-discrimination laws we have the ones we need to close an array of gender gaps?

What are the consequences over time of the significant gender imbalance in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics careers?

If we were to educate students differently, would it change the numbers? And what would "differently" look like?


On November 1st, join fellow women alums for a thought-provoking conversation about gender diversity and gender equity.

YaleWomen, in partnership with the Yale Women Faculty Forum, is pleased to present a major fall symposium called "Gender Rules: Conversations About Access, Outcome, and Equality" at Yale's new School of Management campus.

An A-list of prominent speakers will engage with faculty and alums in lively conversation about the "right" questions and the solutions we need going forward. The day-long symposium includes ample opportunity - between sessions and over lunch - to debate, mix, and network with a diverse group of inspiring women.

The start time for the symposium allows alums in the region to attend without an overnight stay. In addition, alums are welcome to register a non-Yale guest.

Visit the conference website for the schedule, speaker bios, and more information: http://wffyw2014symposium.squarespace.com/.

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