Where Will You Be on Saturday, May 12th?

At the intersection of Nathan Hale’s declaration, “I wish to be useful” (inscribed in the Memorial Quadrangle) and one of YaleWomen’s areas of focus, Contributing to Society, is Yale Day of Service – this year, celebrating the 10th anniversary of bringing alums across clubs, classes, Graduate & Professional School associations and SIGs, including YaleWomen, together in service to their local communities.

YaleWomen, especially through our chapters around the world, has a distinctive opportunity to bring alums, families, and friends together, by sponsoring and/or participating in project sites, particularly those that focus on women and children. 

Elvira Duran ’05, co-chair of this year’s Day of Service and a former YaleWomen Council member, notes that while May 12th is the official 2018 Day of Service date, “Service is needed in our communities and is given by Yale alums in so many ways year-round. This year we strive to achieve our goal of having at least one service site in all 50 states. Can Yale women alums who live in or know alums who live in Arkansas, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota help make this possible?”

The Day of Service website offers a wealth of information, from Ways to Participate, to the Organizer’s Toolboxsubmitting a Service Site, Finding a Service Site and much more!

Do you know that Yale was the first American university to inscribe service to society explicitly in its founding legislation? Day of Service is one of Yale’s compelling pride points! Let’s help make this 10th anniversary an extraordinary one!

Pictured above, Elvira Duran

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