What is your vision for the future?

As Yale women alums, we have both a shared responsibility and a shared desire to make a substantial difference in the world. YaleWomen is a community of women, built through our common experiences at Yale, that brings together our diverse perspectives and strengths to elevate opportunities for women around the world to make this difference.

YaleWomen set its vision as a future where parity is the norm. Working together, we are demonstrating that a community of strong, encouraging voices can effect the change we want to see: a future where women and men thrive equally in a collaborative society, rich in the diversity of people and ideas.

You are this change. Your gifts to YaleWomen are invested in the production of e-newsletters, social media posts, webinars, chapter events, and Award for Excellence celebrations that impact the lives of alums, both professionally and personally, from taking control of their careers to forming international bonds of sisterhood.

Your gifts thus far have propelled us to create more webinars, more events, and more engagement opportunities for YaleWomen alums across the world. We want to do more next year. And, with your financial support, we can make make our vision a reality.

YaleWomen is an all-volunteer organization. We do not charge dues, and we are not financially sustained by the University. We rely on the generosity of alums, like you, who share in this vision and want to help move it forward. Only by investing in the future now is this possible.

Please join us by making a charitable donation to YaleWomen today. You can donate online here or by sending a check to YaleWomen, Inc., 206 Elm Street, Box #2196, New Haven, CT 06520-2196. YaleWomen is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law; they are not, however, credited as Yale reunion gifts. Your donation may qualify for your employer’s matching contributions plan and be recognized by donor-advised funds. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

Our sincere thanks for your support and for making the work of YaleWomen, for women of Yale possible!


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