Women's Campaign School at Yale - The Basics - Comes to New Haven!

Are you thinking about running for public office? Or working on a political campaign? Are you flummoxed at next steps? Then this is the one-day training for you! Here, you will learn the most effective techniques in order to launch your political life successfully.

"NOW is the time for YOU to make a difference. More and more women care deeply about the direction of our country and are energized to run for political office. Yet, many women have no political training or expertise."
- Patti Russo, WCSYale Executive Director

WCSYale has responded to this clarion call by launching WCSYale: the Basics, a one-day training for women who have a newly discovered passion for politics and need to learn the critical next steps to make the decision to run and launch their political careers. Consider this a one-day boot camp for women with the passion, interest, and drive to enter the political arena as candidates.

Now, WCSYale: the Basics is coming to Yale! To learn more and sign up click here!

April 13, 2019 at 9:00am - 3pm

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