Women's Campaign School at Yale Fundraising Initiative


It’s Women’s History Month~Take the lead by helping more women make political history!


A rush of women are now energized and raring to run for political office.  However, many women have no political training or expertise. They need a foundational session to help educate them on the basics and rigors of entering the political arena as candidates. 


“WCSYale: the Basics” is a one day training program for women who have the passion,  interest and need to know next steps to launch a successful political career.


WCSYale is unique.  It is non- partisan and issue- neutral. Students learn from exemplary faculty from both sides of the political aisle.


We would like to raise $100,000 during Women’s History Month 2017 to fund twenty “WCSYale: the Basics” training sessions throughout the United States. Each session will include key elements necessary to begin a political career, taught by Democratic and Republican instructors.  The more we are able to successfully equip women via this one day program with the skills they need to accelerate their political careers, the sooner they will be ready to apply to the WCSYale’s five day session and run for public office.


We are most especially grateful to YaleWomen for helping us promote our increasingly important work. 


All contributions are fully tax -deductible and can be made via www.wcsyale.org/donate or by check, payable to WCS, Inc. and sent to: 


PO Box 1194

New Canaan, CT  06840


Questions/queries:  Patricia Russo, Executive Director, WCSYale.  (973) 464- 9274 or [email protected]


Together, we can achieve political parity in our country, one well- trained woman at a time by WCSYale!

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