Shannon Foucault

Name: Shannon (Foshe) Foucault

YaleWomen title: Chair, Fundraising Committee

Yale Affiliation:  06

Where you live: Sacramento, CA

What you do: I am a certified fund development professional, currently working for a land conservation organization that partners with the ranching community to preserve working lands in California.

Your family: Married to artist Peter Foucault. No kids, but lots of spoiled nieces and nephews!

Other Yale volunteer work: I have been conducting alumni interviews for Yale ASC since 2010. Have also been serving as a Chapter Head for YaleWomen of Northern California since the beginning.

Something we might not know about you: Few know that I am a trained theatrical lighting designer – having taken advantage of undergrad access to the Drama School’s graduate lighting design coursework. Now I spend most of my time in the great outdoors, rather than the black box theaters of my youth.

Favorite Yale memory: So many! I turned 21 on Casino Night so I got to dress to the nines and have a ball. Acting on stage Freshman year in a co-written play, and lighting many stage shows-my favorite an undergrad-created musical about the Roman Emperor Nero, performed in the Broadway Theatre where I spent many hours. Every Sunday night Compline I was able to attend. Leading a class of 4th graders on a specialized tour of the Yale University Art Gallery and having to describe religious themes in non-religious terms when I realized they didn’t know who Jesus was. I was also elated when I visited the Art Gallery during my 10th reunion and could still recite all the key points of my senior thesis to my husband.

Which two Yale women would you ask to join you for lunch and why: As many YaleWomen with incredible stories and accomplishments as we have out there, I still love getting together with my former suitemates to share as our lives diverge in various directions over the years. We are seven women, all with graduate degrees, some married, some with children, spread across the U.S. as doctors, government employees, marketers, and non-profit professionals. Whenever we come together, the conversation can vary across a broad range of personal and professional topics, areas of curiosity, and topics of political interest (yes, we differ there as well). It’s what I love most about being a Yale alum-being able to slip into complex conversations, sometimes bringing only curiosity and no knowledge of the topic, but with ease and genuine interest, and never feeling out of place.


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