Rosette Nguyen

Rosette Nguyen


Name: Rosette Nguyen

Yale Affiliation: Bachelor of Science, 1988

Where you live: Santa Clara, California

What you do: I'm an entrepreneur, investor, advisor to start-ups, and author. I've spent most of my career at high-tech companies, where I have guided strategy and execution to bring advanced technologies to customers worldwide.

I've also recently published a book, Wholesome Vietnamese Cooking, to: 1)  teach and encourage current and future generations to cook with integrity by using wholesome ingredients and safe methods based on nutrition science to maximize real flavors and health benefits; 2) bring more transparency to the vast world of Vietnamese cuisine by highlighting cultural and historical contributions with recipes passed down to me from previous generations; and 3) expand our minds while bringing us together as we explore the wonders of Vietnamese cooking along with some international dishes, which people of many cultures can enjoy.  I feel that doing so will enhance our sense of community, our respect for cultural differences and shared human values, and thereby our commitment to equity for people of different backgrounds.

Your family: I'm married and have a teenage son.

Other Yale volunteer work: I’ve organized and hosted groups of alumni volunteers for Yale Day of Service (YDoS) and for additional community service events in Silicon Valley. I've been a member of the Yale Alumni Schools Committee (ASC) since 2010; I enjoy interviewing high school students applying for admission to Yale College. I also volunteer to organize group sorts at Second Harvest Food Bank of Silicon Valley and have hosted alumni events for various alumni groups, including the Yale Club of Silicon Valley, the University of Chicago Booth Women's Network, and the University of Chicago Women's Alliance.  

Something we might not know about you: I'm an avid gardener for the same reason that I enjoy doing other things that I do: I like nurturing and seeing things grow. I find that gardening is also a wonderful way to commune with nature.