Rose Jia

Name: Rose Jia

Yale Affiliation: '07

Where you live: New York

What you do: I like to call myself a ‘Renaissance Marketer’ because though I am a marketer by profession, I love working on everything from creating marketing campaigns to developing infrastructure with engineers to designing new revenue products with finance. My job is about helping C-suite make strategic decisions through the lens of our customers and their needs. I was an investment banker and a consultant before finding my calling in marketing. Currently, I’m at Amazon heading up paid marketing for one of our faster growing businesses; previously at Twitch, American Express and Citi. In my spare time, I have founded two  platforms that bring people together over a shared interest (much like what YaleWomen does)—one around how technology impacts traditional industries and the other one on how women can disrupt the whiskey industry.  

Your family: I am very fortunate to have amazingly supportive parents, who have allowed me to flourish on my own and pursue a very diverse career (finance, marketing, entrepreneurship). Though I have no siblings, my best friends, many of whom I had met at Yale, are my sisters and brothers.  

Other Yale volunteer work: I was engaged with the International Alliance of Research Universities (IARU), of which Yale is a founding school. It was through IARU that I developed my first startup. I also try to be involved with other Yale programs like Yale Club NYC, Accelerate Yale, etc.

Something we might not know about you:  I am extremely curious, which means I love studying different disciplines from biology to psychology to economics. This allows me to connect seemingly very different ideas to develop new products, concepts and stories. I was on the cover of Whisky Magazine and my ad products are patent pending.



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