Letter From The Chair - Winter 2018

"Open the aperture to better illuminate issues." This is how one founding member of the YaleWomen Council captures the import of YaleWomen’s work and why it matters. It’s an apt metaphor for why we do what we do. As this calendar year comes to a close, we reflect on how YaleWomen has grown from the "big idea" of possibilities that was envisioned in 2011 to the tangible realities that "open the aperture," including this very e-newsletter and the stories it tells in every issue. Looking over the horizon into 2019, we know that our best work is always ahead, especially as we work toward the January 15th webinar that will focus on career transitions, the March 7th Award for Excellence event that will celebrate Yale women alums with Lifetime Achievement and Impact awards, and the events that chapters will host through 2020 in celebration of 50 Women at Yale 150.Continually raising the bar on our own expectations of the work we do is one of the most remarkable and rewarding aspects of engaging with YaleWomen. (Consider joining the Council!) We also reflect on the fact that none of this would be possible without you – we are grateful for your support! As always, we would be glad to hear from you at [email protected].

In the spirit, hope, and peace of the season, YaleWomen sends best wishes for all good things in 2019.


Susan E. Lennon ’85 MPPM
Chair, YaleWomen

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