Letter from the Chair | March 2019


We open this issue of the YaleWomen e-newsletter with the question we asked when we opened the YaleWomen Award for Excellence celebration on March 7th.

“What is it that brought YaleWomen to this day?”

It’s our vision – Connecting Women, Igniting Ideas, Transforming the World – which emerged from our inaugural conference in 2013, when several Council members shaped what they heard into this call to action. What’s in a vision? It’s the ability to appreciate what is there and imagine what more there might be.

YaleWomen’s bold vision – along with the "why?" of our purpose and beliefs – grounds and guides us in our work toward gender equity. The opportunity to celebrate, learn from, and work with Yale womenalums who are transforming the world is both extraordinary and humbling.

This year’s Award for Excellence celebration exemplifies whyYaleWomen was founded just eight short years ago and underlines the importance of our work. YaleWomen is a community of Yalewomen alums, across Yale College and the Graduate & Professional Schools, across generations, across personal and professional interests, opinions and perspectives, around the world. Some of our best work is in opening the aperture and shining a light on women’s issues across these multiple dimensions.

Read on! Let us hear from you at info@yalewomen.org.


Susan E. Lennon ’85 MPPM
Chair, YaleWomen

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