Kelley Holland

Name: My name is Kelley Holland.

Yale Affiliation: I received an MPPM (Master's in Public and Private Management) in 1986 from the Yale School of Management.

Where you live: I live and work in northern New Jersey with my husband and an ever-changing number of my adult children.

What you do: I am the founder and CEO of Own Your Destiny, which provides financial coaching and education for women. I am also an author. (You Are Worthy: Change Your Money Mindset, Build Your Wealth & Fund Your Future.)

Your family

Other Yale volunteer work: My other volunteer work is something I am creating myself: I am designing and preparing to offer a financial literacy program to survivors of domestic abuse who are clients of an organization providing them with legal assistance.

Something we might not know about youI have been baking the same almond-infused Christmas cookies every year since I was three, no matter where I live, and my Instagram account is 99% about my pies. Let me know if you'd like a recipe!