Jennifer Ebisemiju Madar

Name: Jennifer Ebisemiju Madar

Yale affiliation: B.A. '88

Where you live: Boston, MA 

What you do: My background is marketing communications, but I'm increasingly devoting quite a bit of my time to other endeavors including real estate, voice acting, and serving as a Yale alumni volunteer.

Your family: I live with my husband Todd and maybe a few too many dogs and cats.  I’m also fortunate to have my wonderful mother Petra just a few doors down from us on the same street.

Other Yale volunteer work: In addition to serving as chair, previously vice chair, and previously member of the YaleWomen Governing Council, I'm also in year three of a three-year term on the YAA Board of Governors.  I also serve on the steering committee of YaleWomen Boston, and I'm still a member of the board of directors of YaleBoston, having served for three years as president, previously vice president, and previously secretary. I also served for many years as an interviewer for the Boston-area Alumni Schools Committee. Finally, I've served for many years as a YAA delegate, previously elected and ex officio for YaleBoston, now ex officio for YaleWomen.

Something we might not know about you: I can very briefly be seen, in the background and in profile, in one scene in A Beautiful Mind.  The casting folks were looking for “Ivy League-types” (whatever the heck that means), and one of them (I think she was a Yalie) reached out to New York-area alums asking if we wanted to be extras.  I had nothing better to do that day, so I said, why not.  Once we got to Princeton, they decided that, as a woman and a person of color, they could use me to visually contrast the “old” Princeton and the “new” Princeton.  And so I got to sit in a Princeton dining hall, eating chocolate cake, chatting with Ron Howard about chocolate cake, and pretending to be a professor while the “pen ceremony” scene was being filmed around and behind me.  Thus started and ended my illustrious “acting” career.  Blink and you’ll miss me!


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