A Word of Thanks!

YaleWomen received tremendous financial support during the past fiscal year, especially in response to our annual appeal.  We are thrilled to acknowledge the generosity of women alums across Yale College and the Graduate & Professional Schools --many of whom were first time donors-- gifts totaled $16,825.  We are deeply grateful for each and every gift.  Together these donations enable YaleWomen – an all-volunteer, non-dues paying organization – to bring our bold mission to life.

We have made every effort to ensure the accuracy of our donor list.  If we have made any errors, please accept our apologies and let us know by sending an email to [email protected].

Anonymous (3 – ’85, ’96 and ’85 MD)

Beth Axelrod ’89 MPPM

Kathryn Banakis ’03, ’09 MDiv

Amy Bevilacqua ’97 MBA

Anne Boucher ’80

Saskia de Vries ’98

Nina Deutsch ’73 MMus

Jennifer DeVore ’87

Maureen Doran ’71 MSN

Erin Endean ’80, ’82 MA

Ellen Estes ’63 JD

Norma Feshbach ’49 School of Engineering

Paula Gedraitis ’82

Carolyn Grillo ’74

Laura Grondin ’85

Allison Henle ’93

Beverly Jurenko ’86

Carolyn Kenady ’74

Nancy Kuziemski ’71

Vinca LaFleur ’97

Susan Lennon ’85 MPPM

Stephanie Lim ’00

Holly Maholm ’71

Jocelyn Malkin ’51 MD

Margot McMahon ’84 MFA (Art)

Susan Pepin ’87

Patricia Perry ’73

Eve Rice ’73

Toby Richard ’82

Anne Riney ’74

Diane Robins ’73

Katie Rockman ’86

Andrea Schorr ’93

Betsy Sheerr ’72, ’76 MPH

Amy Solas ’89 MBA

Denise Stevens ’95 PhD

Pamela Suan ’84 MPH

Adrienne Swiatocha ’07 MArch

Maia Tolsdorf ’92

Linda Waldman ’77

Karen Warner ’06 PhD

Joan O’Meara Winant ’73

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