Gender Rules: Session One

Taking Stock of Gender, Where We Are in 2014

[NEW] "Women in Politics: Why Does it Matter?" (Excerpt from Session 1)

Do women govern differently? What pivotal laws have they authored? Why do so few women run for office, even though they win in equal proportion to men? Debbie Walsh, Director of the Center for Women in American Politics, dives into these topics, excerpted from Gender Rules Symposium, Session 1, presented by YaleWomen, Inc. and the Yale Women Faculty Forum.

Full Session 1

This session looks at the lack of women in top corporate and government positions, and considers the influence of the educational pipeline. Since Yale went coed in 1969, have we actually made progress? How can the cultures of the workplace, classroom & university address these gaps? Do women’s self-perceptions contribute to significant “pipeline" issues? Is there more we can do for young women in our educational settings to modify the situation?

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Opening Remarks

0:09 - Laura T. Grondin '85: Chair, YaleWomen; President and CEO, Virginia Industries, Inc.
Describes the mission of YaleWomen, and shares some humorous tales from the boardroom

4:43 - Paula B. Kavathas: Chair, Women Faculty Forum; Professor of Laboratory Medicine and Immunobiology
On diversity in Yale’s faculty

9:11 - Peter Salovey: President, Yale University

Session One

11:00 - Moderator Frances McCall Rosenbluth: Damon Wells Professor of Political Science and Director of Graduate Studies; Deputy Provost for the Social Sciences and for Faculty Development and Diversity, Yale University

15:17 - Victoria Brescoll ’02 MS, ’06 PhD: Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior, Yale School of Management
How internalized gender stereotypes lead to measurable inequality for women in the workplace

24:49 - Kimberly Goff-Crews '83, '86 JD: Secretary and Vice President for Student Life, Yale University
The gender gap between classroom achievement and professional leadership

35:18 - Kimberlee Shauman: Professor of Sociology, UC Davis
Academia’s Gender Imbalance

50:04 - Debbie Walsh: Director of the Center for American Women and Politics (CAWP), a unit of the Eagleton Institute of Politics at Rutgers University
Why don’t more women run for office?

1:04:57 - Q&A #1

1:07:42 - Q&A #2

1:12:32 - End Credits

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