Gender Gap in Health Research

"Scientists continue to neglect gender in medical research, endangering women’s health by focusing on males in studies that shape the treatment of disease, a report found." (

A series of small choices and some luck led me into a lecture by Carolyn Mazure, PhD at an AYA Assembly years ago. I have to admit that sessions on women’s health were pretty low on my interest scale, but I had bumped into a good friend who knew Carolyn and so we went in together. I was stunned by the information Carolyn imparted, entertained by her style and passion, and embarrassed by my previous lack of interest.  Carolyn is the director of Women’s Health Research at Yale, and I am now on the WHRY Advisory Council.  WHRY has been a significant force in research on issues affecting women’s health, providing seed funding, collaborating with key scientists, and communicating results to health care professionals and the public.  It’s hard to overstate the importance of their work, and the other day we got more evidence that it is still needed.


Researchers at the Connors Center for Women’s Health at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and the Jacobs Institute of Women’s Health at George Washington University in Washington, DC released a report about the appalling lack of attention to gender differences in health research. The study is getting some good press (read the Bloomberg article), and if we 50,000+ Yale women paid attention and started talking about it, funding it and educating those around us, think about what a difference we could make.

So take a few minutes to read the article, spread the word, and, if you want to help us as we strive to achieve 50/50 gender parity in academia and medicine, Join us or email [email protected], and help us change the world!

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Get a copy of the Conners Center Report here.

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