Elizabeth Gerard

Name: Elizabeth Gerard (Eli)

Yale Affiliation: ‘79

Where you live: Cleveland, OH

What you do: Most of my time is spent working with non-profits,but I am trying to complete an Interior Design degree that I began while living in England.

Your family: Husband Luke Durudogan80 and daughter Hayley (21)

Other Yale volunteer work: Yale Alumni Association of Cleveland Board of Trustees

Something we might not know about you: I love nothing better than a great home renovation and volunteer with Habitat for Humanity to learn new skills.  I can now install dry wall with the best!  Next step, learning to tile…

Favorite Yale memory: Bladderball on the Old Campus freshman year!

Which two Yale women would you ask to join you for lunch and why: I would like to lunch with Cassandra Walker-Harvey, social and environmental innovation program manager at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies,and Jennifer McFadden ’08 MBA, associate director of entrepreneurship at Yale SOM, about their initiative with the Tsai Center for Innovative Thinking at Yale to unite female leaders within the Yale community around discussions of innovation within their diverse fields of work and study. I love the fact that they were inspired to create the initiative when they realized that in the prior year all four winners of Start-up Yale were women. At AYA, it is always the stories of innovation and cross discipline collaboration that most inspire me.


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