Our committees enable the work of YaleWomen. To send suggestions, receive more information, or get involved, email

Governance Committee

  • Monitors issues relating to YaleWomen’s governance including by-laws, tax-exempt status, and internal processes
  • Defines and manages the process for nomination and election of officers and Council members
  • Serves as the nominating committee for YaleWomen’s Council and develops a pipeline for leadership
  • Works with policy issue project teams and makes policy recommendations to Council

Finance Committee

  • Develops guidelines for financial matters
  • Oversees the finances of YaleWomen
  • Manages 501(c) (3) tax-exempt status

Fundraising Committee

  • Develops and implements strategies to raise philanthropic funds for YaleWomen from individuals, corporations and foundations

Communications Committee

  • Develops content and manages YaleWomen's website, social media channels, and quarterly e-newsletter
  • Maintains and updates digital communications infrastructure and strategy across the global and local levels of the organization

Chapters Committee

  • Helps establish chapters (both geographically-based and based on identity or interest)
  • Collects/shares best practices across chapters
  • Connects alums with YaleWomen chapters

Programming Committee 

  • Provides overall strategic planning for programming for YaleWomen
  • Provides guidance and shares learning from past events to assist in the development, execution and post-event analysis of global and regional conferences
  • Sets guidelines for financing and risk management of programming
  • Streamlines information flows and exchange of ideas and trends for chapter programming
  • Builds relationships with related Yale entities to facilitate Chapter-entity connections to enable local opportunistic programming events