Claudia Rosenthal

Name: Claudia Rosenthal

Yale affiliation:  B.A. '08, M.M. '14

Where you live: New York, NY

What you do: As a professional opera singer, I have sung leading roles across the United States and have performed a variety of concerts in Canada, Europe, and the United States, most notably at Carnegie Hall. I was a soloist at two important concerts at Yale-- the concert honoring President Levin's contributions to the University in his final year in the position, and the celebration concert that followed soon after celebrating President Salovey's inauguration.  

Your family: I live with my boyfriend, a sound engineer, and my parents live nearby. 

Other Yale volunteer work: Yale Westchester Alumni Association

Something we might not know about you: As soon as I could walk, my parents took me to museums, instilling in me a passion for art- History of Art was my second major at Yale. Wherever I travel, I always make a point of visiting art museums. I also am quite the baker and am famous for my chocolate chip cookies. 

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