Caroline Piselli

Name: Caroline R. Piselli DNP, RN, MBA, FACHE

Yale Affiliation: Doctorate of Nursing

Where you live: Vero Beach, FL/ Branford, CT

What you do: Healthcare Consulting- Global business, clinical, economic, pop health w/ payers, providers, other countries

Your family: Married 42 yrs, 3 children, 2 grandchildren + 1 TBD within large extended, close family

Other Yale volunteer work: Volunteer: entire life based on life stage spanning from Church lector/Eucharistic Minister/Children's programs, Coach soccer, Tailgate/fun event coordinator for our children's grade school through college events, numerous Healthcare National Boards, Lecture YSN, YSM, co-develop new courses @ YSN and George Wash Univ, US Veteran initiatives

Something we might not know about youPassionate about too many interests spanning fashion/interior design-- design prom/special occasion fashion, window treatments and now baby fashion.. (was enrolled in NYC fashion design school prior to changing paths to become a nurse), chief planner of family social events, love marathons/triathalons, etc. and enjoy traditional cooking- homemade pasta, desserts, etc.....