Beverly Jurenko

Name: Beverly B. Jurenko

Yale Affiliation: 86

Where you live: Houston, TX

What you do: Angel investing (Vice Chair HBS Houston Alumni Angels), entrepreneur, advocate for gifted education, and political activist serving as Precinct Chair, Section Leader and Election Judge in Texas. I also do contract work from time to time for startups.

Your family: Freshman daughter at Carnegie Mellon studying Electrical and Computer Engineering; high school sophomore son; and husband Wayne Gardner.

Other Yale volunteer work: ASC interviewer for over 20 years; President, Yale Club of Belgium (2008-2010); At-Large AYA Delegate 2013-2016; one of lead organizers for the YaleWomen Global Conference (2013); former officer of the Yale Club of Houston (sometime between 2003 and 2006); Deputy Chair for Events Beyond New Haven as part of Celebration of Women at Yale (50 Women at Yale 150).

Something we might not know about you: I am a former professional figure skater and Triple Gold Medalist in figures, freestyle and ice dance. These days I give back to the sport as a judge for US Figure Skating.

Favorite Yale memory: I had a great time producing Yale: The Musical at the Shubert in New Haven in 1985.

Which two Yale women would you ask to join you for lunch and why: Sonia Sotomayor ’79 JD. I read My Beautiful World a few years ago and was left with solemn admiration for her. If she could share what is in her heart, I would love to hear her thoughts on today’s political environment, current threats to our democracy, and how we can support our country as we weather these storms. Grace Hopper ’30 MA,’34 PhD. “Navy to the Core, a Pirate at Heart” she was and what a brilliant person she must have been! There is so much to learn about this icon and mother of computer science. I’d like to know if she foresaw the current state of our cyberworld, what she thinks of our privacy challenges, and if she is for or against AI.


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