Belinda Wu

Yale Affiliation: ’15 MPH

Where you live: New York, NY

What you do: Healthcare Strategy Consultant.

Your family: N/A

Other Yale volunteer work: US Health Justice, HAVEN Free Clinic.

Something we might not know about you: Cicerone/beer enthusiast.

Favorite Yale memory: Meeting Paul Farmer, who was the inspiration for my Yale application 

Which two Yale women would you ask to join you for lunch and why: 

Meryl Streep ’75 MFA because, well, she’s Meryl! Billie Tsien ’71– she is among the alumnae from the earlier years when Yale announced it would be accepting its first female undergraduates. 

“Don’t limit your knowledge to the narrow path of your already pre-selected science or art. When you merge art and science, that’s when magic happens.” – Linda Honan PhD ’89 MSN I come from a scientific background – statistics and objectivity. These two women are creative geniuses. And it is only through conversations with people from different backgrounds that my own that my worldview opened and changed – I feel lunch with these two would surely do the same. Innovation will only come when different eyes look at the problem.

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