YaleWomen Receives 2017 AYA Board of Governors Excellence Award for Most Creative Use of Technology and Social Networking Media

For effort ahead of the curve, based on design, creativity, implementation and response, this award was presented to YaleWomen in November “for its creative use of technology as demonstrated in two webinars it produced last year, ‘Women in Politics’ and ‘Salary Negotiation.’ One of YaleWomen’s priorities this year is to maximize the engagement of alums, and these webinars, delivered in a format accessible to alums and students, support that goal. YaleWomen has developed a large cybernetwork: of the 10,000 alums who have joined YaleWomen; 3,400 are members of its Facebook group, thereby comprising a virtual chapter. The open-and-click rates for YaleWomen’s e-newsletters exceed industry standards, as does the success of its webinars, which engage alums across Yale College and the Graduate & Professional Schools, and around the world.


Photo courtesy of YaleWomen Facebook page

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