All Yale’s Treasures Will Be Yours Once Again! Yale for Life

On March 10th, Kathy Edersheim 87, founding YaleWomen Council member, posted on YaleWomen’s Facebook page: “Check out the fabulous opportunity to join a week-long, intensely-educational, delightfully-social and possibly life-changing educational program at Yale this summer, Yale for Life. Yale for Life is the only alum education opportunity to be a true Yale student once again: living with alums in the undergraduate dorms (they're better than you remember!); taking thought-provoking and highly-participatory discussion seminar classes back in good old Linsly-Chit (with its lovely Old Campus views) with Yale's finest and most-engaging professors; and studying, communing, and socializing with many other "alum scholars." For more information and to register, click here.

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  • Veena McCoole
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